Beach Casting



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 We have fishing rods and tackle for you to hire.

 The long gloriously sandy beach just  5 minutes walk from Kingfishers provides  ample opportunity to fish directly into the Atlantic Ocean. Many species are caught here including Lady fish, Captain fish, Silver Tuna, Butter fish and even Sting Ray.

 We charge 500 Dalasi per day, per rod. If you are a first time fisherman/woman Clinton is available to give FREE tuition to get you started. Likewise, if you are a seasoned beach casting veteran he will take you to various fishing hot spots where you can try your luck !!

Tuition includes practice casting on the school playing field so that you know that you can at least get a hook out into the surf !!

Tight lines !!!!!!

 Bait costs £2.00 if we supply. Why not use our BBQ to cook your catch, charcoal supplied for a very small fee.