Kingfisher Team

Meet the Kingfisher team……..  


Clinton the Owner / Manager and his lovely wife Charlie.

Charlie and Clinton




  • Born in Batabut.
  • 39 years of age.
  • Married to Fatou.
  • Has three children; Jennifer, Sally and Mariama.
  • Creates fantastic traditional items in wool as well as other materials.
  • Is also chief green tea maker here at Kingfishers and twice winner of our annual Gambian dish cooking competition !



Amadou is the Kingfishers Team Supervisor.

He is 28 years of age and was born in Nema Fulla, way up country in deepest darkest Gambia.  Single, has a lovely smile and a wicked sense of humour. A big, big Barcelona fan with his favourite player of course being Lionel Messi. Amadou loves singing and dancing, next time you are at Kingfishers, ask to see his Michael Jackson ” Moves ”


  • Is 21 years of age and was born locally in Sukuta where he lives now
  • Tom is in his second season now with Kingfishers 
  • Like Amadou he also has a radiant, cheeky grin and this is seen often due to his keen sense of humour.
  • Has recently completed an IT course regarding web design which is ultimately what he wants to do, earn own and manage his own web site design company. Tom has produced Kingfishers promo video which can be seen on our Facebook page
  • Avid Manchester Utd fan although has been extremely frustrated with his team’s recent performances !!
  • Don’t ask him to sing, he will make your ears bleed !