Experience tropical winter sun without the long haul flight

Those who love a little adventure as well as capturing plenty of sunshine on soft white sands, should visit The Gambia for their great escape.

Gambia is a tiny African hotspot only 230 miles long by 35 miles wide but still packs a punch as an exotic holiday destination. Cutting into Senegal, Gambia offers an authentic taste of Africa where the Atlantic Ocean meets the long and soft, sandy white coastline.

gambia-holiday-homeTaking a holiday in Gambia will feel like you’re experiencing a whole new world.

Kololi Beach is one of the liveliest and longest-established holiday resorts, combining beach life with a vibrant nightlife scene. After dark, the strip comes alive with reveller’s dancing to reggae music. Wildlife lovers can visit the Bijilo National Park, a five minute walk from Kingfishers, where monkeys and exotic birds hide among the darkest green foliage.

The nearby resort of Kotu Beach is quieter, but lively enough for those who’d like to enjoy both relaxation and excitement whilst in Gambia. Visit the local craft markets, which are a riot of colour and life, and great places to pick up some authentic, handcrafted souvenirs.

Away from the bustle of the markets and beaches, the Kotu wetlands and palm groves make for a refreshing excursion. Abuko Nature Reserve Park and Pirang.

At Salagi Forest Park you can experience 262 hectares of the country’s lush natural landscape – a real contrast to the sun-soaked beaches on the coast.

Quieter still, the resort of Cape Point is a perfect beach getaway. The wide sweep of golden sand is the big draw here, and you’ll find a clutch of restaurants serving up traditional Gambian fare. Try the Gambian specialties of benachin (spiced meat and rice), chicken yassa (garlic and lime chicken) and domada (meat stew in a ground peanut sauce) and experience the sweet and spicy mix of flavours that sums up Gambia so well.

Because Gambia is such a tiny country it’s easier to explore, and no Gambian holiday would be complete without a visit to the capital city of Banjul. Boasting a bustling market scene and harbour, it may not be the most picture perfect place to sightsee, but it’s sure to leave you with a sense of what the real Gambia and African life is like, away from the touristy coastal resorts.